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  5. "Lyserød og mørkerød."

"Lyserød og mørkerød."

Translation:Pink and dark red.

August 27, 2014



For me pink and light red is not the same colour.


Pink is just light red. Human perception of colour is pretty much just created by language. It's illogical for English to call light red 'pink' but light blue 'light blue'. The more I learn other languages, the more I realise how stupid my own language is...


No, English is not stupid (no languages are), but has a great deal of idiosyncrasies, probably because it has been influenced a great deal from many other languages during it's history, and now it has become global and influence all of us back. But when it comes to colours, you cannot tell an artist that 'pink is just light red'. Red can be darker or lighter red, yes, but pink often has other shades (hues), e.g. blue, which makes it different in more ways than just amount of light. But I know, I know, this is not an art class... it's not important here in Duolingo.


right... in italian we have many words for each colour... you can have pink, salmon, fuchsia, apricot, antique, rose... like red, of which you can have carminio, amaranto, bordó... and also in blue you can have azzurro, turchese, celeste, verde acqua... but we are italian... colours are in our blood...


I like the word fuchsia :D


Fuchsia is a beautiful flower !


pink in its true sense is just light red, however mixing it with small quantities of other colour makes its hues, not shades.


Thanks! That's the word I was looking for ...


Just like brown is actually dark orange.


waaaaaaaaaaaaat no way


Isn't dark orange sienna/terracotta? You can make brown from red and blue paint among other combinations : )


Well actually all shades, colours and hues are derived from the primary colours of yellow , red and blue.


primary color (light primary color, the real ones) are red, GREEN and blue


otatomouse, so you mean Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, who are secondary light colors and primary pigment color. You can check your printer ink ;)


Not when you are talking about pigment. Green is made from mixing yellow and blue. I think its different with light, but I’m really not sure how that works. (I trained as an artist.)


Why am i not surprised by that flag after bashing English.

If you ever looked at a dulux catalogue there are plenty of colours people have never heard of.


Guys, there is a beautiful explanation on this topic on YouTube. It shows how different cultures have different names for the same colors. Not advertising or anything, but you should really check out. :)

„The surprising pattern behind color names around the world” on YouTube https://youtu.be/gMqZR3pqMjg


Jesus christ you speak a lot of languages... And that streak...


I am sure He could, but what has Jesus got to do with this?


Lol, he is really in a state of denial!


Today in Denmark the say colors like "cerise" (cherry, i think in French) , "rosa" (pink in Spanish) and also "pink" lol But, I never hear a danish word for the real "pink", the more accurate, yes, lyserød. (btw, I also think it is not the same light red than pink)


French pink is "rose." Languages vary. Russian apparently has a single word for light blue, but no word for pink.


No, Russian has a single word for pink - "rozoviy". It's like "rosy" :)


In Hungarian pink is rózsaszín, meaning 'the color of rose' - it's seemingly one word but it is a compound one: rózsa - rose, and színű - of color.


What about lavender or light purple?


What happened when a ship carrying red paint collided with one carrying blue? They were marooned.


Given that aurally there's virtually no difference, how would one know to use "-rød' here instead of "-rødt"?


Would "maroon" work instead of dark red?


I am no color expert, but it has not been added since it is a nuance, whereas the words indicate more specific primary colors. I guess.


for me, dark red are "bordeaux" or "wine red", and maroon is dark brown


Maybe we should all start using Hex color codes instead ;)


maroon is more of red mixed with a bit of brown to make a slightly darker colour than either on it's own. If I were to use a separate name for dark red I would say 'crimson' however, I do not want to learn the translation of every colour I know right now, so dark red will do.


I think maroon us dark red


In French marron is brown and bordeaux is maroon. However, men should not discuss colours, women have that elaborate skill :)


Og sidste station, Hillerød.


All this talk about art & color subjectivities... And all I wanted to do was complain that I can't get a syllable pronounced right. I'm afraid I may be too old to hear the ø & d right, much less pronounce them.


Could someone tell me whether the y in "lyse..." is pronounced like a French "u"/ German "u" with an umlaut? Thanks!


Yes it does.


This is all new to me so i have lots of questions so i'll say sorry first. why when its light green and dark green do you use e at the end but not when its red


it might be just me but they way they say "red" sounds like gargling


I wonder how they say 'dark pink' then.


You could go for mørkepink. There are many names for the different colour shades and hues. This course just touches the basic colour names.


If light and bright are interchangable what is used instead for very vibrant colors (which i would normally use bright with)


You would split the word in two: et lyst rød. :)


I listened to it 20 times. Makes sense once you see it.


Not confused at all! The app is confused! I type english and it says incorrect, i type the danish and it still says incorrect.


I feel like I will never be able to speak Danish fluently in this life. It's so hard to listen and pronounce.


I put light blue and light blue instead of light red and dark red...


Can't hear anything

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