"Parliamo di riscaldamento globale."

Translation:We speak of global warming.

May 25, 2013

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"we talk about the global warming" should be accepted as well, no?


I thought so too...but...because of the DI and not DEL you have to write: "We talk about global warming" without the definite article THE and then it accepts the answer. :)


But there is just one global warming, the "the global warming" and "global warming" refer to the same event. :-)


Quite right. Unless the talk is about global warming on other planets (which is unlikely) this phrase should require the article.


nonetheless, we talk about global warming, not the global warming


On time, because it's extremely important to do something to stop it!


If only American leadership would actually talk about it rather than ignore it.


Can this go with "del"? I feel it's a better way to say it.


Yes, i am italian


You can use both, "di" is morengeneral, "del" more specific.


I see, thanks for the hint!


Yes "we speak of" is bad english


I wouldn't call it bad, but it sounds weird to native speakers (at least to me, it does).


"Talk about " was not accepted?!


Minimo solare e direzione di un'era glaciale, affrontalo.


Please find people who speak clearly. This speaker is consistently difficult to understand.


True Fact: In 2100, temperatures in New York City, New York in winter will soar to around 100 degrees F because of global warming!


Which is 37.8 degrees Celsius for the rest of the world.


True fact: Global warming used to be Global Cooling


You should go look up the "Global Cooling" scare and see what it was actually about.

Short version: journalists and Al Gore sensationalized and misrepresented 1 scientific paper to get attention.

Long version: prior to the 80's, coal-fire power plants had essentially no regulation. As a result they put out lots of CO2 and aerosols, most importantly, sulfur aerosols. When sulfur aerosols get into the atmo, 1 or 2 things will happen: they'll form acid rain (which was a severe problem during the 70's and 80's), or they'll get into the stratosphere and reflect incoming radiation back into space before it could reach Earth. A scientific paper examined the effects of sulfur aerosols and found that increasing coal-fire power plant usage by 8 times could cause as much as 2C of cooling. Journalists misinterpreted that as "An ice age is coming." Sulfur output of coal plants became regulated; acid rain stopped being a problem. Nothing was done about CO2, which climate scientists were worried about and have been worried about since at least 1892 (yes, 1892; that's when Arrhenius put out a paper showing CO2 (he called it carbonic acid) is a greenhouse gas).


Is it ok to say "we talk about the global warming" ? Speak of / talk about ... What is the difference ?


You wouldn't normally say 'the global warming' in english, just 'global warming'


parliarmo di riscaldamento globale nei modelli di computer


I also thought 'del' would be better than 'di' but now I think the meaning is different. Parliamo del riscaldamento globale = We talk about the global warming (all the effects and side-effects and everything caused by global warming) Parliamo di riscaldmento globale = we speak of global warming (in the sense of 'we call it global warming' meaning the fact that temperatures rise everywhere around the world).


same as we talk of

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Un po' meno parole, un po' piu fatti, per favore


Una conversazione e soltanto dell'aria calda...

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