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continue button is gone

I don't recall very well, but just about 15 minutes ago, when practicing Portuguese, I bought streak freeze and got back. there now I see neither Jesus the redeemer nor the continue button, at the top of the tree.

I also cleaned all cookies, caches and restarted browser. still the same, for all languages I practice. anyone having this problem too? please upvote if so.

August 27, 2014



This was a feature that was being AB tested. Duolingo has withdrawn the feature from testing and reverted all testers to the normal interface. This discussion talks a bit more about it.



They have never updated mine either. I don't have the colourful thing at the top of my pages or the "start next lesson" button. I've never even had the "vocabulary" tab! All of my siblings do, though. It's really weird.


at the top of the tree i don't have it anymore :( i think that is what you're talking about


I see. indeed, I edited mine for clarification now.

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