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  5. "Níl capall agam."

"Níl capall agam."

Translation:I do not have a horse.

August 27, 2014



Ta capall amuigh agam! Giddy up now baby!

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Is there a meaningful difference between ní and níl?


Yes. (with lenition) negates verbs: Ní ritheann sé: "He doesn't run".

Now means "is, are", but when it follows certain particles such as "an?" and "ní", it changes to the form "fuil", which never appears exactly as "fuil" because of the effects of lenition and eclipsis. With "an?" you get an bhfuil? = "is it?", but when you negate , you originally got ní fhuil. Since fh has no sound, this is always pronounced and written níl.

So níl = "it is not".

So Níl capall agam = Ní fhuil capall agam (although this expanded form is not used) = + Tá capall agam.

(I corrected this comment to clear up a silly mistake).


is also the negative form of is so ...

Is fear mé fear mé. (I am a man. → I'm not a man.)

fear agam.Níl fear agam. (I have a man. → I don't have a man.)


Níl capall agam. An bhfuil capall agat?

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