IOS app issues

Here are some issues i've had with the IOS app:

Sentences where you select the words give answers that are not possible with the set of words you are given.

Also there is something wrong with the daily goal... it isn't fully synced up... sometimes when I am at the goal according to the website the app says "9 XP to go" or something like that, even after reboot while connected to internet.

Also offline mode never seems to work and i am afraid to use it because it seems to f*** everything up and set the skills to zero. Also it seems to never actually save to the website when connecting with duolingo again after using offline mode on the app, meaning that duo doesn't register the progress you've made and you have to redo it.

August 27, 2014


I agree with the first issue here which I've noticed a few times in Italian. I got the sentence "If you are a boy you are not a man" to translate using a given word set, but the correct answer "Se sei un bimbo non sei un uomo" was not possible since "bimbo" was not in the set. I wasn't having this problem until the most recent update (Aug 22).

Since the last iOS app update I've been very frustrated with French lessons where correct answers are not possible given the set of words provided. It happens at least once each lesson too!

This update also removed the feature that let us duel a bot or other duolingo users, and it is sorely missed.

I've also had this issue since the last iOS app update. The wordbank does not provide the needed words for a correct translation. Very frustrating.

I also raised an observation that the ios app doesn't allow viewing of discussion threads for each lesson point or to make specific feedback, which are available on full web and android versions. These are significant shortcomings in my view.

I can confirm than Spanish also has the first problem here, however, I have only seen it while offline

I am also having the same offline saving issue, which is frustrating, considering I did five lessons offline

I've seen it with both on and offline.

Was just practicing online, asked to translate "sister", "hermana" was not an option

I think the issue is that the website doesn't allow you to do the dragging words thing anymore but the app does. Because of this there are probably too many words from all the possible combinations may be listed on the dragging exercises. If that were the case, some words might not fit into the wordbank area you are given.

This is just a guess by the way, but I think it makes sense.

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