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  5. "Bainimid na lachan díobh."

"Bainimid na lachan díobh."

Translation:We take the ducks off them.

August 27, 2014



The English here I think strictly means that there are some ducks on (top of) them, and we take them off (of) them, in the same way as I take my coat off (of myself), say.

Is that also what the Irish means?

Because I thought the Irish meant that we take their ducks from them?


I know the verb "bain" has a LOT of different meanings depending on what context it's used in (I think I've seen it used to mean to reach, to connect, to derive and to dig, among other uses!) But could one use "tógaimid" here instead of "bainimid"? Or would that be incorrect?

I always thought the verb "tóg" was used when saying you physically take something from somewhere, whereas "bain" was used when taking something off of you, like an article of clothing.

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