"Han spiser æblet."

Translation:He eats the apple.

August 27, 2014


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I honestly cannot hear anything at the end of æblet to figure out there's a t. I guess I could think that it would be more grammatically correct to say "I eat the apple" instead of "I eat apple", but is it difficult for anyone else to hear the difference?

September 9, 2014


Both your sentences "I eat the apple" and "I eat apple" are OK in danish; they have slightly different meaning. If you say "han spiser æble" without the 't' at the end, you are stating that he is eating some unspecified amount of apple, or that he is not eating other stuff (like pear). When you say "han spiser æbleT", it is the specific apple that he is eating.

September 12, 2014


It's probably good to point that out, but that's not was he was asking. I honestly cannot hear the difference either and I'm not new to studying languages (not Danish obviously). I think we just want clarification on if there is meant to be a consonant of some sort at the end and the rules in Danish for pronouncing consonants.

October 26, 2014


Acutally there is a difference in pronounciation, you can really hear the T at the end of aeblet. Its pronounced as a soft D in Danish, which sounds a bit like L to the rest of the world.

December 25, 2014


That's helpful. I can't hear a T or a D, but I can hear a slight L :D

November 25, 2018


That makes me feel better! I will still work on hearing the difference. For your kind explanation I shall gift you with a lingot.

September 12, 2014


Great explanation!

October 18, 2014


Yeah, I did not hear the t at all, hence I spelt it wrong in the exercise.

November 14, 2014


I also hear almost nothing at the end of the word, but I think it will be clear in a given context, that such a "t" is suffixed to the word. It has similarities to the use of the English "-s" and "-ing" - but here it is just much clearer.

March 1, 2015


I cannot hear the difference either

September 11, 2014


In many cases "t" pronounced like light "th" in English and "d" pronounced like heavy "th" in English especially at the end of the word

February 3, 2016


Pretty much

June 9, 2018


My method is just to bite the bullet and pronounce the t. I'm sure that most Danes will be able to figure out pretty quick why I add an extra syllable onto "The" words.

April 18, 2019


In ablet I don't hear the t do you?

February 27, 2015


We mostl say it with a soft d. But thats just us being lazy.

December 11, 2015


Its a good thing I'm also learning Swedish because the two are close in vocabulary and makes understanding it a lot easier

April 8, 2016


does the "t" in the end indicate that its THE apple or does the danish language also have a word for that?

March 20, 2018


Yes, the -t at the end indicates that it's THE apple. (Because apple is a neuter word. If it had been common gender, the ending for "the" would have been -n.)

Danish also has a separate word for THE, but it is not used in this sentence. One place you might see it is if there is an adjective before the apple, e.g. det store æble "the big apple", where "the" is expressed as a separate word det rather than as an ending -t on the noun.

Some Scandinavian languages use both, e.g. Swedish det stora äpplet with both det and -t.

March 21, 2018


So would this mean that the 'et' at the end of ' æblet ' means the? As if it's not a separate word?

April 20, 2017


That's right.

"the" in Danish is often an ending -en, -et, -ne at the end of the noun rather than a separate word.

(Which ending to use depends on the grammatical gender of the noun and whether it's singular or plural.)

April 21, 2017


Oh noo. Gendered nouns. (I came here as a break from the gendered nouns in Irish, oh well, will blunder on.)

November 10, 2018


If you don’t want gendered nouns, there aren’t a lot of courses to choose from on Duolingo!

You could consider Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, or Klingon....

November 11, 2018


is there a forum for us to come together and practice or is this it? -js

February 2, 2017


Maybe you mean the clubs? But it'd be great if duolingo had a feature where you could just talk to the people you want, just hitting them up, like dms on instagram (that I don't even have but I suppose it'd be similar?) You could speak to the people you ''friended'' on here, and the natives. And I don't mean changing the rest of the app, just adding this. It'd be so cool

May 8, 2019


why is it not I eat apple and I eat the apple

March 18, 2018


Ohhh MG how can peopl hear that ''t'' and of the word :-P

June 24, 2015


How do I pronounce æblet? aybluh or aybluð?

August 27, 2014


It should have a kind of ð sound at the end, but a very soft one.

January 7, 2016


The computer voice lady is spot on. Notice the diference between æble [aybluh] and æbleT [ayblud]

August 27, 2014


Why is it "the apple"

July 18, 2015


aeblet-the apple et aeble-an apple

See how the et from et aeble is now at the end of aeblet? That's how you make something definite in danish :)

May 25, 2019


I cant distinguish æble and æblet.

September 1, 2015


if it ends on "et" (or en) it is a specific one

December 11, 2015


æblet silent [t]

January 13, 2016


I dont have the letters on my phone to spell it correctly :(

April 4, 2018


Try to download the keyboad languages - DANISH

April 26, 2019
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