"I biscotti al cioccolato sono i miei."

Translation:The chocolate cookies are mine.

May 25, 2013

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Why I have to use "i miei" and not only "miei"?


In Italian you basically always include the article with the possessive unless you are talking about family members (ex: mia madre). At least that is how we are taught in college.


also when the possessive adjective is alone when following a form of 'essere'.


I also think this. I think the definite article with miei is redundant.


redundant to you, but not to Italian. Possessives almost always come paired with the definite article.


previously it gave - il cavallo non e mio. should i put il into the sentence in that case?


If you did, i think it would call it correct (it would be; whether the computer would recognize it is a different question). Non è il mio means almost the same as Non è mio. In English the difference would be tone of voice: "It's not MINE." = Non è il mio.


You should be able to use just "miei". According to duo itself:

"It's optional when the possessive adjective is alone following a form of "essere," e.g. "è mio" (it's mine)."


It's funny, but the in the plural the article is almost always included. But in the singular, no! Kids are always shouting, "è mio"


"miei" senza "il" è giusto e suona molto meglio


"Il miei" è sbagliato... "il" è singolare mentre "miei" è plurale... Quello che "suona molto meglio" è quello che è giusto: i miei.


I biscotti al cioccolato e al limone sono i miei. Buon appetito! OMNOMNOMNOM!


A useful phrase & one worth committing to memory!


We call cookies "biscuits"in Australia


...they're still mine!


Nope. They're mine- but I share ;-)


haha! i'm in australia too. i'm from England, but we call them biscuits too :)


It seems to me that when there is a different word for a word, Aussies more commonly use the British version. We have biscuits in America, but they are something like soft, leavened quick bread, usually muffin-sized, usually with butter in it.


Americans biscuits are called "savoury scones" in the UK.

And American cookies are called "Biscuits" in the UK.


I refuse to enter cookies, and write biscuits every time. The app still says correct thank god.


God's work. Same with spanish and football


We call them biscuits too here in Pakistan.


I 'think' "cookies" are an American/Canadian nomenclature.


yells in american "YOU MEAN SOCCER??"


ugh I grew up (arguably), playing "soccer" in the States. For the life of me I Still don't know why it's called soccer. American football Should have been called "soccer", and soccer should have Remained football. But I guess that would have made Too much sense. :-/


It's called soccer as an abbreviation of Association Football - and this name - soccer - actually came into being in England back in the mid to late 19th Century to differentiate the game from the other football game Rugby Football (now simply known as rugby; though there are two different codes played: rugby league and rugby union. So yes, soccer is an English not an American term, albeit one that is now only really used in the US.


Thank you for sharing that simonsanders! Like Kevin, I always felt a little ashamed that Americans call football "soccer" while the term "football" is so ubiquitous in the rest of the world. American football could be more appropriately called "handball." Though Kevin's suggestion to call it "soccer" also sounds appropriate, because it sounds like "sock her!" (sock = to hit forcefully).


See these two links that explain the word "soccer". They agree with simonsanders, below. https://time.com/5335799/soccer-word-origin-england/


The word "soccer" is used in several countries:
These include Australia, southern Africa, southeast asia, Japan, Korea. See this link: https://www.businessinsider.com/football-vs-soccer-map-2013-12


same here in england


Again a difference between fast and slow pronounciation. In fast it says E biscotti in slow I biscotti. Please check and correct.


Maybe I'm mistaken but I'm pretty sure I've seen "yours" "mine" or "his/hers" translated without the article before, like so :

"Sono tua"

Can anyone explain if this is a mistake or something else ?


Both forms are correct: the difference is often slight, but the article implies a noun that was stated earlier. So "I biscotti al cioccolato sono i miei" sounds like "The chocolate cookies are my cookies", i.e. if you see different cookies they're likely not mine.


So if you wanted to say that "the chocolate cookies are mine," WITHOUT implying that NO other cookies are mine, THEN you would say "i biscotti al cioccolato sono miei" (to which it is an option to add "...e tutti i biscotti..." ;))


Thanks for your explanation. Cheers


Why is chocolate not made plural here? .. i biscotti ai cioccolati instead of i biscotti al cioccolato?


chocolate is a thing in itself, a noun; it does not depend on the biscuit or biscuits, s/pl. Un biscotto al cioccolato, molti biscotti al ciocolatto; the prepositional phrase al ciocolatto is fixed no matter how many cookies or biscotti or torte or bonbons (m/f) it applies to.


Hmm so although the preposition is being used like an adjective is used in English, it doesn't change number or gender when used in this way? So you would have "le torte al cioccolato" then? I was thinking of "al cioccolato" more like a adjective since it describes i biscotti.


the prepositional phrase as a whole entity modifies the main noun biscotto, and it FUNCTIONS as an adjective, but it doesn't turn its noun objects into adjectives. Capisci?


You're damn right they are!


biscuits in Uk not Cookies they are American


Why can't you use the term "biscotti"?


Because "biscotti" in English doesn't mean what it means in Italian, where they're called "cantucci" or "tozzetti".


True story there. In America "a" biscotti is "a" very specific desert item that is biscuit like, but in no way resembles an American "cookie". A biscotti in America is a single item (despite ending in "i"). Blame Starbucks, the coffee bean cremators, for the American biscotti identity crises. ;-)


What is equally despicable is the way people pronounce the word, "biscati." Often Americans substitute an a for an Italian o. Why can't they just say o when o is written?


For me - no difference cookie or biscuit - they shoul accept both...


i don't get this rule of using the "i" after the sono


cookie is an american word, in England we say 'biscuit', not cookie


Okey. How is mia and miei different? Singular and plural?


Does anyone know if this is referring to cookies/biscuits that Have chocolate chips IN them, Or is it referring to cookies/biscuits that are Completely chocolate? Anyone ?


If you simply google it you will find that it usually refers to completely chocolate cookies. Chocolate chip cookies could be called biscotti al cioccolato, or also "biscotti con gocce di cioccolato."


In the Philippines we have biscuits called biscotcho


Why if I write in the English translation the word biscuits insead of cookies it tells me Im wrong? Biscuits and cookies are the same thing!


Usually Duolingo accepts both British and American variants of a word; when they don't, report it.


I think "they are my chocolate biscuits" is the same as "The chocolate biscuits are mine", so why have I been marked wrong?


They're not the same thing; "the car is blue" and "it's a blue car" are different statements that answer different questions. To get to the present exercise, if the question were "what are those?" your answer would be correct (and "the chocolate cookies are mine" would be wrong), but if the question were "whose are those", the answer would be duolingo's one, and "they are my chocolate biscuits" would be an unnatural roundabout way of answering.


I always mix up È with I, any tips how not to?


I put miei when last called for and said wrong, so i dont put i onthe end this time, and im marked wrong again???? Whats going on.


that is exactly what i wrote


"I biscotti al cioccolato sono i miei."


...and don't you forgot it.


Sometimes, so this time, there is already a false answer in the response field, I could not delete. I had to set my own answer in front of it. For me it was not possible to set the cursor in the response field after the false sentence. So I could not delete it. Sorry guys, but that was not my mistake. That's a mistake from your system. Please correct that.

I also cannot set my cursor into a typo for correcting it. In that case I have to delete sometimes whole santences, for only one typo in one word. Whats the matter?


I cannot understand what you are trying to explain. What sort of task were you working on, a multiple-choice item? That's the only instance where Duolingo uses "false sentences."


It wont let me answer


It is not correct, it has another option (without "i", and according to your own explanation).


Why al cioccolate?


Can't hear saying miei


why you use cookies for biscotti


'The cookies with chocolate' should be a correct answer, because that is the litteral translation. It is just ridiculous that it is not accepted


The cookies with chocolate - why is it wrong?


Can someone phonetically pronounce "miei" for me?


Can someone please phonetically pronounce "miei" for me?


One letter wrong... why does duo sometimes let me off with a typo and other times not?


Biscuit and cookie are the same thing in my country


Cookie or biscuit whats the difference


Why didnt my meie ( miei) count as a typo.. which it was?


What's the difference between 'chocolate cookies' and 'chocolate chip cookies'?


I translated it to biscuits not cookies and it tagged it as mistake. The meaning is the same


I gave this very same answer, and it was marked wrong. WIERD!!!!!!!


Some thing got wrong during the written


biscotti is biscuits in the Queens English

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