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Links to other parts of multi-page translation articles

It would be very helpful to have links on each part of a multi-page article to the other parts of the article.

Part III of an interview with José Ángel Muriel is available to translate on Duolingo. http://duolingo.com/#/translation/e9d24d5d9f80f1158b381fff3de5077f

I cannot find parts I and II on Duolingo. I found the originals of parts I and II, but would have liked to translate them on Duolingo, too. http://www.papelenblanco.com/entrevistas/entrevista-a-jose-angel-muriel-ihttp://www.papelenblanco.com/entrevistas/entrevista-a-jose-angel-muriel-ii

August 28, 2012


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