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"An bhfuil torthaí ón gcailín?"

Translation:Does the girl want fruits?

August 27, 2014



What part of this sentence indicates "need"? "de dhith" is what I use typically.


This is an example of where Irish works differently from English.

In Irish, when you say that someone "needs" or "wants" something, you are literally saying that it is "from" the person. For example: "Jack wants a dog" = "Tá madra ó Jack" and "Laura needs a cup" = "Tá cupán ó Laura"


well where does the "de dhith" factor in? If I wanted to say " you need a dog" where I'm from we'd say " Madra de dhith ort" or something to that effect, ya dig?


It's just another way of saying it.

You could say: "tá madra de dhith ort",

or you could say: "tá madra uait".


i always write cairead instead of torthai whenever i hear this and have to type someone save me from this life


How can you tell in this sentence that it is "the girl" versus "a girl"?


It's "ón" versus "ó". "ó" is "from". "ón" is a combination of "ó" and "an".


Shouldn't 'does the girl want fruit' be correct too? Most of the time want and need seem to be used interchangeably in duo


Seems to be accepted now


Why is it gcailín with eclipses here? Why not ón chailín?


Cailín is a masculine noun which doesn't undergo lenition following the definite article. It eclipsed because it's used with a preposition and definite article - ón.


i have gotten this right 3 time and the program says i am wrong. there is no place to say it should be counted right


Does the "torthai" means "results" too? My exercise where i need to compose the sentence of words, gave me "results" and no "fruit" at all. Odd..


Yes, torthaí can mean fruit/fruits (as in apples, oranges, etc.) or results (for example, the results of an exam, or the results of a poll. Maybe think of this as "the fruit of one's labour", i.e. the results of someone's hard work)


I literally typed that exact thing except without the accent of the i in torthaí and no question mark and no capital letter and it counted it wrong. normally it would just say I had a spelling error for the accent, but for some reason it said I was wrong.


Again I don't understand. What in this sentence is the "want" part?


Tá X ag Y - "Y has X"
Tá X ó Y - "Y wants/needs X"

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