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tips and tricks/hints

I used to see a box containing this title when I started learning a new skill - an overview of what the skill contained. It has now disappeared! Is it no longer available or is it the fault of my pc set up? Thanks in advance for any help.

August 27, 2014



Hi musmoulay,

I can only speak for the Spanish for English speakers course, those only continue a certain way through the course, not all the way through, and not for all skills even early on in the tree. To find the ones that exist, i open the skill (not the lessons in the skill) and scroll down.

Since Im beyond those in the tree now, i use http://learnspanish.com.

I hope this helps! ^_^


Thanks a lot for the reply. The tips and hints are really useful on the German course and I was hoping they would be as good on the Italian course. Unfortunately, they're not! I find that the more one advances the more one needs them. I shall do as you suggest and look for another website for the "rules". Happy studying!


You might try the "more" tab followed by "supplementary learning resources" on the wiki. Im not all that familiar with what people have added for Italian since I'm not taking that course. But it's worth a shot :) http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Wiki

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