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A/B Testing for "Start Lesson" button over?

I noticed late this afternoon that my heading had reverted back to the one a few months ago (what Group B had):


I wonder if it's over...did Group A fail Group B? :(

August 27, 2014



Same for me. I really liked the new headings, so I hope they bring them back. Hopefully they are just updating the site to bring the new look to everyone!:)


My trees look so strange without it. :/ That would be great...Words tab would be even better, LOL.


I agree. My tree does look strange.


I definitely miss the words tab on the new languages! It would be really helpful to have a word list for Irish and Danish, the spelling is so tricky.

I never used the 'start next lesson' button, but I think the colorful heading looked much nicer. You're right, the trees look very strange without it.


: ) alexis i gave you a lingot


It looks like sometime after 14:29 CDT on the 27th (the time at which I last logged the list of ab_options), the skill_tree_next_experiment was removed from the site's ab_options. Perhaps they've decided to go back to the drawing board with that feature.



Thank you, pinkodoug. Just the information I was looking for.

[deactivated user]

    The Danish one (I believe) had a few problems, so I think they are fixing it up.


    Thanks for the information!:)


    Yeah I've noticed this has gone missing too. This is a shame if they have removed it because I personally found it very useful - it saved a lot of scrolling! I guess it must has failed A/B tests so ultimately it makes little sense to keep it unfortunately :(


    The start next lesson button is gone, but my word tab is luckily still there. I find it a bit sad, I was just getting used to this button. I guess I should have used it more often... what a shame.


    Actually, the only thing I miss from it is that it looked nice. Besides that, I never used the "start next lesson" button, I liked to see how far in the tree I was :P


    It did look nice. I used it when I remembered, but I hadn't been doing lessons recently. Maybe they will rework it to be able to use it for strengthening lessons as well...not likely, though.


    I have no A/B Tests anymore. No words tab on other languages, no nothing. No daily chart.


    The daily chart is no longer in AB testing. It has been a standard feature for many weeks now. If you're not seeing it for some reason, report it in the troubleshooting forum or via the support tab.


    I lost my daily chart the other day for an hour or so, but it's been a bit since this disappeared. It was on my account yesterday...


    I still have my daily chart...weird. I knew it was missing something when I reloaded it today. It looked so...not fully loaded. So white. So boring.


    Since I created this account every A/B Test has been gone. I've created another test account and it didn't have any A/B features either.


    What's a daily chart??


    The XP chart on the home screen that shows how much XP you earned each day for the last seven days.


    Really? I have words tab on mine.


    I still have my review lesson, is that still testing?


    It's not in testing anymore. It has been a standard feature for several weeks now.


    I didn't get this feature... It might come back for you, though. The flashcards were gone for a period of time for me... then they came back, new and improved! This might not necessarily be a bad thing. ;)


    Shame on you Duo. Shame on you.


    How did it use to look? Can you link a screenshot?


    Let me see if I still have it.


    Yep, mine is gone as well. And I'm missing the look. I did use it in general, but I often found myself skipping it as well and just browsing the tree to see which skills need strengthening. And when there are no skills to be strengthened, I will just start the next lesson manually, because I'll be there anyway.

    So maybe they are going to look at ways of incorporating skill strengthening. Would be nice.

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