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Practice lessons using words I haven't gotten to yet

I was working through some lessons yesterday, and stopped partway through beginner food. 3/5 complete. When I took the "strengthen skills" today to refresh my mind on what I'd covered yesterday before diving back in, it gave me lots of words that I had yet to ever see, which I presume come later in the food course. It was very frustrating to feel like I was failing, when there was no way for me to have known the words ahead of time.

Is it possible to get the "strengthen skills" to only use the parts of the lesson which have been completed, or do I just need to be careful and finish every lesson I start completely before using that button? (which sucks especially for long chains of lessons that I might not have time to finish all in one sitting)

August 27, 2014



From my experiance you only get words that should have been covered in the lessons you already took. BUT, as you only get a selection of possible sentences for every lessons you take, it is possible that you finish a lesson without having been tought all the vocab of that lesson. The first couple of times I was confused and felt a bit like you do now, but I simply took it as a challange. Often it helps just to use the mouse-over to get a hint, and sometimes you simply make mistakes because it is just one of those sayings or stuff you couldn't possibly know. It doesn't help to finish the whole level, because the later levels don't cover those words either, so embrace the situation and take it as a challange. You know you haven't learned those words, so no need to feel like a looser.


Yeah, sometimes Duolingo tosses some unfamiliar words our way so we get a heads up on what's coming. I was likewise frustrated when it happened to me. I just kinda got used to unexpected things happening on Duolingo. ((Empathy though!))


I thought I was just forgetful because I have had the same happen to me, except it is when I am much further down the tree and I go back to re-strength old skill that are no longer gold. I am sure there are some words I had just forgotten, but I swear sometimes there are word I have never seen.

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