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  5. "Er det dit?"

"Er det dit?"

Translation:Is it yours?

August 27, 2014



As I study using just the app, I did not have the helpful notes at the beginning of the lessons. Those should also be in the app, too.


From now forward, i will start with web then use app. Painful to learn so late.


What's the difference between "din," "dit," and "dine?" Same for "min," "mit," and "mine?"


It's explained very well in the notes at the beginning of the lesson -- a much better explanation than I can give!


Is there anyway to read those from the app?


Not that I've found, but in short: -en words get min/din (this is the common gender), -et words get mit/dit (this is the neuter gender), and mine/dine are for plurals of both!


Examples: min avis, dit ├Žble, og mine katte.

(Please correct if I've got this wrong!)


They are for common, for neuter and for plural objects being owned.

Careful though, The ones for "its" modify whether the owner is common or neuter instead of the objects being owned.

Do read the Tips and Notes at the top of the lesson page, because there is more!


Here's a link to the Tips and Notes for this lesson.


Sadly, it doesn't seem to work on my phone. Not sure if it opens on other people's phones


This sentence sounds like "Edit it" :)


Dine, mine stands for plurals but also because of the -en word. Am i right? Would it be then for the -et word: dite, mite?


No, din and min are used for common words. Only plural things get -e.

For example:

din hund, min hund
your dog, my dog

dit bord, mit bord
your table, my table

dine hunde, mine hunde
your dogs, my dogs

dine borde, mine borde
your tables, my tables

Here's a link to the Tips and Notes for this lesson, with charts and everything.



Why is "dit" used in this particular sentence? What is the gender that it's referring to?


Since "det" is a singular - et word, "dit"/"mit" would be the correct possessive pronouns.


Which form do you use when the noun isn't mentioned? Would you use Min or Mit?


Depending on the hidden word. You just know what you're talking about.

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