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"Han arbejder men hun arbejder ikke."

Translation:He works but she does not work.

August 28, 2014



Is it necessary to repeat arbejder in this sentence?


I guess that you could say: "Han arbejder men hun gør ikke". I think the reason it is not here is because the word gør is not available at this point in the course. I will consider adding it as an alternative sentence.


You don't have to, especially if gør is not available yet. I simply wondered for the purposes of sounding better, even at this low level.


This sentence is awkward in both Danish and English. In both cases I would consider rephrasing. In Danish it would be smoother to say "Han arbejder, men det gør hun ikke".


Sorry I am lost in translation. X-P Just to summarize: "Han arbejder men hun gør ikke" means "He works but she doesn't", ikke også? Tak!


"men" means "but". "mens" or "imens" means "while" (as in "I work while she sleeps"). Also "man" means "one/you" (as in "you can't sleep on the train") and there's no such thing as "mans" in Danish :-)


I think there is a small mistake with the pronunciation of "men", Just for the record, you should pronounce it exactly like you say "men" (plural for man) in english.


I have found lots of sentences that sounds quite misogynist. The man always works while the woman sleeps, or he work but she doesn't, and so on... Who writes these sentences?


Why is men without the s? Previous sentence was: jeg arbejder mens hun sover. Can anyone tell me when to use "man" and when to use "mans"?


Men = but

Mens = while


why is ikke not before arbejder


"ikke" comes after the verb in the main clause. This kind of coordinating conjunction "men" which means "but" connects two main clauses. http://www.basby.dk/modul1/structure_of_a_danish-phrase.pdf https://nauchidatski.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/danish-an-essential-grammar.pdf


is that a common intonation? it sounds a bit unnatural to my ears


No. "men" is pronounced wrong.


Be aware of the smooth but steady misogynist content in Duolingo.

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