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"Jeg er ikke en vegetar fordi jeg elsker kød."

Translation:I am not a vegetarian because I love meat.

August 28, 2014



Cultural question: In America, we are very free with the word love. "I love musicals", "I love ice cream", "I love my family". Is it the same in Denmark? Hence your example: "jeg elsker kød". Or is this sentence just to show us word usage. Tak!


"Elsker" is too strong verb for food because it has the meaning of physical attraction. "Jeg kan (godt) lide kød" is better.


No. We often say "elsker" about things we are passionate about. It is not wrong.


Why is it 'en vegetar'? I thought it would be like professions and not take an indefinite article.


Why is it "Jeg er ikke en vegetar fordi jeg elsker kød" and not "Jeg er vegetar ikke fordi jeg elsker kød" I thought that ikke came after the verb/adjective like "Jeg spiser ikke kød"

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