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"Jeg er ikke en vegetar fordi jeg elsker kød."

Translation:I am not a vegetarian because I love meat.

August 28, 2014



Jeg er en vegetar fordi jeg hader at se dyr lider smerten.


Jeg er en veganer fordi denne smerte strækker sig til mejeriindustrien også!


Men du ikke hater at se planter lider smerten, ikke sant?


Men hva med planterne...


Jeg er ikke en vegetar, fordi jeg finder det dum og jeg skal spiser hvad jeg vil. Dyrene er for os til at spise.


Always sad to see how "diet" polarizes people. It seems that people who are picky and opinionated about what they eat, are the product of a cushioned luxury-life. Spend some time in a Malagasy village that has no food and no water... and suddenly we see terms like "vegetarian" or "vegan" or "low-fat" are very superficial trivialities. _(o.o)_/


Spend some time in a region directly affected by climate change and read up how this is related to meat production, then we can talk again about superficial trivialities... like taste of food for example...


Did you spend time in such a village? Their consumption of meat and other luxury products is definitely extremely lower than us. When they slaughter an animal, there has to be a more important reason than “I like the taste of meat”.


Cultural question: In America, we are very free with the word love. "I love musicals", "I love ice cream", "I love my family". Is it the same in Denmark? Hence your example: "jeg elsker kød". Or is this sentence just to show us word usage. Tak!


"Elsker" is too strong verb for food because it has the meaning of physical attraction. "Jeg kan (godt) lide kød" is better.


Hm, what? How many times are you gonna cheat? I spelled it correctly. Don't change it because you don't want me to get 100%. Jealous af.


This is one of those times when learning something actually makes someone dumber.


That lecture is terribly onesided. No new words etc..kedelig!


They may say "fordi jeg tror,at kødet er god.""Elske" is not very Danskhed.


I thought it was fordig?


A very good point not to be a "vegetar". :)


Indeed -___- sigh...

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