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  5. "Farverne er rød og hvid."

"Farverne er rød og hvid."

Translation:The colors are red and white.

August 28, 2014



I think that's what I was meant to do...

Oh no, wait...

That's better!


i was going to post "Farverne er rød hvid og blå" then i saw this have a lingot


That's better. "Vi er Dansk!!"


Guys, don't you see it's Japan? :D デンマークじゃない


Hayır, Türkiye.


So are the 'r' in most words coming from the back of your throat like brød and silent or is this just a coincidental tend


That's accurate. One of the reasons I'm having a very difficult time learning Spanish, since I instinctively want to make the r's with my throat. While my girlfriend, who's trying to learn Danish, instinctively tries to make the r sounds with her tongue.


I can feel you. My husband is a Dane, not a native but been there since last 27 years and i'm trying to learn danish and make exactly the same voices aa your girlfriend does. Its hard!


I empathize so much with this. My boyfriend is a dane and his name starts with an R, it's why I still can't properly sat his name


why isn't it røde og hvide if farverne is plural?


Farverne, because there are two colours, and rød and hvid because the two colours are one red and one white.


I think it is because in this sentence they are not adjectives, they are nouns: The colors are red and white. So the adjectives rules don't apply to this sentence


I am a little concerned here. Idk when to use hvid, hvidt, and hvide :( anyone please help?


I'm struggling too. So far I've learned that most nouns will be en hvid __.

Et hvidt _ is only used if a noun is one of the few neuter, t words.

Both will use hvide if there are more than one of them.

De hvide sko.


Wait so they arent talking about the polish flag?


No, that is white and red, not red and white. (Yes, there is a difference)


The pronunciation of hvid is tricky. After listening to a few online examples, I'm still not sure what I'm hearing. Anybody care to explain what the mouth is supposed to be doing?

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