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Audio turning off more than an hour?

Has anyone else noticed the audio staying off permanently on the app, when you only choose "Turn off for an hour"? I always have to manually turn the audio back on, now. It never comes back on by itself after an hour.

August 28, 2014



Hi anm54475,

Thanks for pointing this out! Would you please edit your post and move it to the Troubleshooting forum?

Thanks! :)


You'll need to subscribe to it individually.

See #3 and #5 here http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Community_and_discussions_guide ^_^


While you were commenting, I looked around, and I found that I am subscribed. When I go to the discussion tab, I see "Troubleshooting" over on the right, under my "Subscriptions". I apologize for being oblivious to it before. Probably a sign I should call it quits for tonight and go to sleep.


No its my fault, I usually include the links to begin with because people rarely see it. Im just being lazy because I'm on a mobile device until my computer is fixed and it takes more effort. So, it's not you I promise. :)

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