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  5. "She says good morning."

"She says good morning."

Translation:Hun siger godmorgen.

August 28, 2014


[deactivated user]

    A tip for anyone mixing up Han and Hun (He and She respectively): You can think of HAN Solo from Star Wars! He is a male and would be called "he"! (:


    The way I remember is thinking that Han = man, and Hun = Hunny/honey. It's silly, but really helps me.


    Han shot first!!


    Or, if you know some German: "Huhn" and "Hahn" are the words for female and male chicken, respectively :-)


    I am always mixing snakker and siger up, dont know why.


    Snakker is like speak "i speak danish" while siger is like talking as in "i said goodbye"


    I don't understand which one to use when either :/


    "Snakker" means "to talk" (with someone) and is also used in informal language for "to speak" (a language). To remember it, you can think of people having a coversation over some snacks at a party.

    "Siger" is "to say". Remember it is pronounced like "siy(a)", which resembles "say".


    I think about HANsel and Gretel


    Any ideas how to remember siger means says


    Would "Hun siger godt morgen" be wrong?


    After some research... 'morgen' has no gender. So you have to use 'god'. But if you say something like "Det morgen er godt" then it's correct because you defined 'morgen' using 'det'


    Ah, no no. Morgen does have a gender, the 'fælleskøn', common gender: en morgen; en god morgen; Den morgen er god. But that doesn't work as a greeting.
    You could, however, say "Hun ønsker en god morgen" - "She wishes a good morning."


    What is the difference between siger and snakker?


    Koni, siger means "to say" and cares about the content of your words (1). Snakker means "to speak" and cares about the way you communicate (2) or the target of your communication (3).

    1. Hun siger at hun ikke kan komme. - She says that she cannot come.
    2. Jeg kan snakke engelsk. - I can speak English.
    3. Han snakkede med mig om morgenen. - He spoke with me in the morning.
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