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  5. "Wij zitten op de bank."

"Wij zitten op de bank."

Translation:We sit on the couch.

August 28, 2014



Isn't "We are on the sofa" also correct, given how zitten is also used to indicate the position?


It should be accepted, yes.


Native speaker. Yes that would also be correct. But both sentences would be used in different situations though.

Where are you? Wer'e here, we zitten op de bank, we're on the sofa.

What are you doing? Not much we zitten op de bank. We're sitting on the sofa. Or in cases the sitting and or sofa is important we zitten/are sitting on the sofa not on the floor.

So in English you need to check the context. In dutch it works in both cases. (My examples might have scked but I'm sure you get what I mean. Especially if english is your native tongue you will know the differences yourself )


When talking about people, "zitten" really means "to sit". Also, in general "zitten" would only be used for things that are inside something else, not on top of it.


Sorry but no. You can also say for instance. We zitten op de snelweg. We're on the highway.

Ik zit op heb politiebureau. Im at the police station.

Ik zit in de trein. Im in the train, even if you happen to be standing.


Couldn't this also mean "We sit at the bank" even though it is totally random in the context of this unit


I suspect for that meaning, the sentence would use "aan" instead of "op." I'm not a native Dutch speaker, so I'm not certain about that.


Not really sure what you mean with the English sentence. Sitting inside the bank (building).?

Both ik zit bij de bank as ik zit in de bank could work. Depending on exactly what you mean. (Definitely not aan) but I think it would be bij for what you mean.

You are at a place=bij inside it= in.


Interesting question, does anyone know? :)


Could it not be we sit on the bank (for example of a lake or river)?


It could be, though there is a difference with the English kind of bank in that case.

In English a bank is typically the piece of land next to the river/lake that slopes into it. In Dutch however it would be a piece of land in the water that typically only would be visible with low tide (http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zandbank).


I see! Very interesting answer :)


No it couldn't, you would say zandbank in dutch.

Only when you are a sailor/fisherman and you use the word several times a day I can imagine you would say bank. But I'm not sure they eve do that moreover if it would be officially acceptable. (We hebben veel banken moeten ontwijken.. It doesn't sound correct, even if I imagine having been on a ship my entire life)


Can "bank" be used for a bench too?

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Yes, I wrote " We sit on the bench" and it was accepted.


Yes but more than 95% of the time bankje is used for bench. That is what people would say when you point and ask what it is.

Een "bank" might slip out on rare occasions and would still be correct, just not standard.

I can imagine when 2 people are allready sitting on a bench and the 3rd person (sibling/friend) would want to join you could get.

Scoot over I want to sit on the bench too.

Schuif eens op, ik wil ook op de bank zitten.

But like is said normally we say bankje


My grandparents said couch. Is it also American? I say sofa.


I say couch as an Australian, although you do hear sofa here as well.

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