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  5. "Anden spiser brød."

"Anden spiser brød."

Translation:The duck is eating bread.

August 28, 2014



Does "anden" mean "the duck" and "other"?


It can mean both, but in this case it it means "the duck". The sentence "der er en anden and" means "there is another duck". "Du skal vælge mindst én anden person" -> "you must choose at least one other person".

"Anden" can also mean "second", e.g. "second place" -> "anden plads".


Tak! Can anden also mean "different"? E.g. in languages like Dutch and German different and other often have a similar meaning, also in the adverbial form.


There is actually a small difference in pronunciation according to what meaning "anden" has. Sadly the voice doesn't distinguish between them at this time


I agree. The way it is pronounced by the software here sounds like "other", whereas when you are pronouncing "the duck", you put more pressure on the first syllable, making it sound like "and-en"


I am sure I have seen "ænd". Is that an alternative spelling? Or does it change for the definite form?


en and and anden are singular, flere ænder and ænderne are plural.



Having just completed Dutch, I thought life would be easier here. Perhaps not!


How do I know that "spiser" is "eat"/"eats" or "is eating"? Is there any difference between present simple and present continuos?


It seems not except for within the context. Here it seems that you need to choose one of the English options. If you're me, invariably the "wrong" one! Annoying.


why is it not the "bread", i am having trouble understanding when one uses the before the noun and when we don't. thank you


"The bread" would be "brødet". The "the" is tacked onto the end of each noun. The word brød is an "et" noun, hence "brødet". For the "en" nouns, they are followed by "en". Eg, a mouse = en mus; the mouse = "musen". There don't seem to be any discernable rules about which are what, you just have to learn & remember. Nothing to do with the "gender" of the noun. After following the lessons for a time and getting hit by the Dreaded Red Wrongs, I'm beginning to "know" :)


Is eating or eats, no difference in danish but when i put "eats" you say it's wrong as you wanted "is eating"... It sucks!!!

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