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Does anyone get any kind of response when submitting an issue?

I've been ignored for two months (and after 6 requests for help).

August 28, 2014



Have you tried using the discussion forum search bar? I do that for stuff before using the support tab. Staff have answered the most common questions before. I only submit to support when Ive exhausted other resources including google. There are more than 30,000,000 people and only 32 staff, not all of whom work support. So, I imagine they can get backed up.

Can I ask what you need help with? I'm not with Tech support (Im a volunteer community mod) So Im not sure if id have the answer. But, it might be worth a shot :)


I had a 220 day streak and somehow my mobile device got disconnected from my online account. I lost my streak and have attempted to get it reinstated 5-6 times. I even kept on with my daily visits for a month until it happened again and I still got no help. I should have a 280 day streak right now but I have to admit that, after being ignored for 2 months, I quit. It's a shame since I was a huge advocate and got many folks to join and my husband is a level 25 Italian translator.


It is unfortunate though that you have quit. I would encourage you not to let anyone outside of yourself determine whether or not you continue learning another language. It would seem like trying to punish Duolingo by harming your own goals. Even if you don't feel that this platform suits your learning needs, i hope you will continue learning elsewhere. I also know that there are websites out there that are dedicated to language learning that have things where you can set your own daily/weekly/monthly/ and yearly goals and it will keep a streak count going for you. :)


I didn't quit learning. I quit DuoLingo due to the poor support of a simple request.


May I ask what tool do you use to learn? I have quit Duolingo too because the bugs made the app unusable and I didn't get any answer from support althought several persons had the same problem. I have been looking for a replacement. I'd like something that I can use on a mobile device.


yes, the bugs!!!!


I'm glad you're still learning :) Feel free to check out the learning resources on the wiki as well if you'd like. They are all suggestions from other Duolingoers like you and me. http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Study_aids (We are still working to improve it.)


The 3rd row of words is hidden, and I can neither see, nor click on, them. Therefore, I cannot finish a level and go the next lesson!


Yeah. I'm kind of noticing that Duolingo seems to have the worst support I've seen in quite some time for a popular app. They completely ignore the support messages people send. They completely ignore to fix persistent bugs that have been in the Duolingo application for several months now. They even completely ignore requests about fixing bugs via Twitter and other social media.

Seriously, I love the app itself. It does indeed making learning a language a free and fun experience. But a lack of proper support will eventually drive users away from the application.


My whole point was that I just wanted to have my streak reinstated since I had been using it (without my account actually counting it). You are right. Folks with leave if support does not improve. I didn't think I was asking for much but I guess I was. I would really like to use the app since it make learning a language fun.


yes the bugs are drivig me crazy, and I can see no one has fixed anything since you wrote 4 years ago.


I know right i was trying to understand how to learn German in English on duo-lingo and i asked the support and its been 3 weeks and not even a comment. Stop treating ypur users poorly


I recently submitted an answer that was marked as wrong, but which I thought was correct. I got an email a week or two later thanking me and telling me my answer was accepted as correct!


I have been ignored for about one month now. I follow up repeatedly and am very frustrated. If they are backed up providing support, perhaps it would be better to send an estimate of the time needed to respond when they send the ticket number. Personally, it would be much better to know the time frame, even a lengthy one.


I have the same experience just in the last month. I sent a support request a month ago, provided additional information once the automatic reply email came through and just sent another email reply about a week ago as I haven't had any response or time frame from Duolingo.

I also tried sending a message to Duolingo on Facebook. No response and my message doesn't even show up on the page.

I see that there is a lot of activity here on the discussion forums, but the email support request seems to be totally dead. Please remove that feature and redirect those requests to the forums if you're not going to respond.

I have currently stopped using Duolingo. I love the app, but have become very disappointed with the support by email. Seems like the forums is the way to go.


I do get responses from users (very helpful), but so far no responses to technical issues. I've gotten 404 (not found) errors a number of times when I try to post.


When I've commented in the lesson itself about a translation problem, usually a correct English usage that's marked wrong incorrectly, I've been encouraged to report it. When I've sent the problem to Support, I usually get some kind of "received your message" response. Twice, though, I've received (in response to a choice of English words marked wrong) identical instructions on how to reset my browser and reload Flash. It's not clear that anyone's actually reading what we send in.


These reports should go through the report button in the sentence discussion itself (unless you are on the app. If it doesnt have a report button I would assume website users will catch it and leave it be to help cut down on the volume of things going to Support.)

As for the auto response of the "have you tried turning it off and then on again?" Variety, it was misdirected. I have had that happen before. That is the case in which I would suggest resending something if those options dont apply.


yes, and it's a real problem that the 3rd row of words does not appear, so that long sentences can not be completed, even when I know exactly what I am being asked to write. This is 4 years later, and no bugs being fixed.


I subscribed trying to fix an issue and when that didn't fix it I thought that I would at least get a response as a paying member. Nada. Not that my measly membership is going to make or break them, but if you have thousands like me that walk because there's no response at all from them, that adds up to some sizeable money.

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