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  5. "Det er dine distrikter."

"Det er dine distrikter."

Translation:They are your districts.

August 28, 2014



Can "det" mean "they"? Or should this actually be "De er dine distrikter"?


No, you could argue that you should translate it do "Disse er dine distrikter/these are your districts" but no one would say that in real life.


I tried "those" and was rejected. What do you think of that word?


Those is more direct, meaning you specify exactly which ones are yours, the sentence in danish in this case is more broad, I'd actually translate it word by word like this: Det/it or they er/is dine/your distrikter/districts


No, "det" can't mean "they". The correct translation in English would be: "this is your districts" those=disse, they=de, det=this/is. "they are your districts" would be "de er dine distrikter". Not sure if that makes sense, but hey, welcome to Danish :-)


disse=these, de=they/those, det/den= that/it, and only used as a pronoun, not determiner, dem=them/those


It's not clear from the discussions, so I am going to ask this specifically: does 'They are your districts' actually translate to 'Det er dine distrikter'? Or is this a confusion of 'De er dine distrikter' and 'Det er dit distrikt'?

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