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  5. "A crab is an animal."

"A crab is an animal."

Translation:En krabbe er et dyr.

August 28, 2014



How can we tell if we should use 'en' or 'et'?


I think you just have to memorise whether a noun is an -en or an -et noun. If you speak German, I think en corresponds to der and die, while et corresponds to most neuter nouns (das).


Swedish is very similar and for both languages there is no real rule, you just have to memorize each. That said, in both Danish and in Swedish more words are en rather than et (ett in Swedish), so the safe bet is guess en and then correct mistakes/learn as you go along.


So is it a gender? Like in French?


It's what is called a grammatical gender. It's kind of like French, except where French has la and le (feminine and masculine, respectively), Danish (and Swedish and Dutch) has the common gender (-en) and the neuter gender (-et). The neuter gender is "it", while the common gender encompasses both "male" and "female" nouns.


I think we all know that crabs are animald Duolingo


Here written only en not En.

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