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Nouns have capital letters, so why is it telling me to use them in other words

grrr why is it telling me to use capital letters for Unsere, when according to my german friend that's wrong! it should be unsere! so why?

August 28, 2012



I can think of one case where this would be the rule: when the adjective is used as a substitute for a noun, such as in "Jenes Haus ist das Unsere". This can occur not only with possessive adjectives but with any adjective.


Perhaps because DuoLingo is not perfect yet, but still frustrating. Btw, I could think up some contexts, where Unsere is used as a noun. In that case it gets capitalized. I assume, the phrase you are referring to used "unsere" as possessive pronoun?


i am going with Duoling isn't quite right yet, just frustrating!

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