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  5. "Har du spørgsmål?"

"Har du spørgsmål?"

Translation:Do you have questions?

August 28, 2014



So this word is the same in singular and plural or is it simply a manner of speech?


I just read in another comment that most words ending in "mål" don't change to become plural.

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    i wrote english translation "Do you have question" and it was not aaccepted...why?...


    Because it's grammatically incorrect. In both languages you need an indefinite article when something is indefinite and singular, and you don't use one when it's plural. This means that here, it can only be plural "questions" (It will be understood by a Danish speaker as plural in the same way "I have sheep" is understood as plural in English).
    The singular sentence "I have a question" would be "Jeg har et spørgsmål"

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      thx for that...


      I don't think a dane would put it like this - it's more common to phrase it: "Har du nogen spørgsmål?". "Har du spørgsmål?" sounds weird for some reason.


      What's the etymology of this word? I tried to break it down in google translate but without much luck this time. It looks like it's a compound word.


      Den Danske Ordbog (ordnet.dk) gives the etymology as: "gammeldansk spyrjelse, ældre nydansk spørgsel - omdannet i analogi til mål 'tale'." This translates roughly to "Old Danish 'spyrjelse', Early Modern Danish 'spørgsel' - changed in analogy to 'mål' (speech, utterance)." So basically the older form of the word came from the verb 'to ask' (Old Norse spyrja) + the ending -else/-sel which turns it into a noun. Later -sel was replaced by -mål, seemingly due to influence of other words with -mål.

      tl;dr - you can essentially look at the word as being made up of 'spørg' (ask) + 'mål' (speech).


      interesting. I opened the site ordnet dk. I searched the word ' spørgsmål' . but I could not find etymology of the word. Can you help me to find it?


      I was also wondering this to see if it could help me to remember it...


      why can it not be "a question"?


      ''Do you have a question?'' would be ''Har du et spørgsmål?''


      So, spørgsmål is pronounced "sperrsmul"?

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      I would say "sperrs-maul"

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