"Det er mit mørkeblå æg."

Translation:It is my dark blue egg.

August 28, 2014



So, the "mørkeblå" doesn't get the "t" at the end, right? And if it were "the blue egg", it would be "det blåt æg". Or am I horribly mistaken?

August 28, 2014


The noun is in definite form because of the possessive pronoun. In that case you don't add the -t to the adjective. It would be "et blåt æg", but "det blå æg".

August 28, 2014


But you say det/et lyseblåt æg, don't you?

February 15, 2015


    Is is et lyseblåt æg (indefinite form), but when using the definite form, the adjective uses it's "e-form", and because the e form for blå is just blå, the correct way to say "the/my/Søren's light blue egg" is det/mit/Sørens lyseblå æg

    February 15, 2015


    Thanks and, by the way, good that you mention the definite article det : Have I understood it correctly that you only use den/det, when there is an inserted adjective and in any other case the -en/-et prefix?

    February 15, 2015


      Yes, it is used like that, for example:

      Det mørkeblå æg = The dark blue egg
      Ægget er mørkeblåt = The egg is dark blue

      February 15, 2015


      The solution for bixii isn't adequate for me, everything here is a t-word - det, mit, æg - so why would mørkeblå not end with a t? This makes no sense.

      November 22, 2014


      Because of the presence of the word "mit" in the sentence, the noun "æg" becomes singular definite (because it is not just "an egg", it is "my egg"). Now the rule is that an adjective that describes a singular definite noun always declines itself as it would if it were describing a plural noun. That is why the word "blå" takes the -e form (which is blå itself). I hope I did not over simplify.

      December 7, 2014


      Are the words "Det er" supposed to be pronounce like one word (I can't hear the 'er' at all >.< ), or is it just because of the software?

      February 14, 2015


      In my Danish class, our teacher told us that "Det er" sounds basically like a long version of "det": [dé:].

      January 8, 2016


      So, you can say den drengen or drengen. But when it comes to colours you must use option one?

      August 3, 2016


      Du kan ikke skrive "den drengen" (that the boy), men du kan skrive "den dreng" (that boy) eller "drengen" (the boy).

      Med adjektiver skriver du "den adjektive dreng" (the adjective boy).

      January 14, 2018


      does 'This' also mean 'det'? are they interchangeable translation wise?

      September 16, 2014


      I'm also curious to know this as I put "this" and it marked it incorrectly.

      September 21, 2014


      I think that would be "dette æg"

      December 31, 2015


      This på dansk er "denne/dette". That på dansk er "den/det".

      January 14, 2018


      Den dreng * undskyld

      August 3, 2016


      That doesn't sound healthy.

      August 21, 2017


      Almost typed 'It is my dark blue orange...' Uh. And it's much worse than you think. When I've chosen this word, I've been thinking about a color, not a fruit...

      April 22, 2018


      It is my dark blue egg, and I am talking dino!)

      October 9, 2016
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