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  5. "Hunden spiser ham."

"Hunden spiser ham."

Translation:The dog is eating him.

August 28, 2014



If you wondered what ham is in Danish: That would be "Hunden spiser skinke." (related to German "Schinken") PS Let's all try to include at least some real <> in our comments. Mange tak! ♥


Tak! Jeg spiser skinke. That is a word I am happy to know.


why is "the dog eats him" wrong?


Why is 'The dog eats him' wrong? They have been interchangeable throughout so far.


Perhaps because "the dog eats him" is continuous present which implies the dog is in the habit of eating him. But once he's eaten he's gone! You can't have your master and eat him.


So, maybe this is just some evil scheme, and the person who planned it is like Well, someone DO SOMETHING, only to have the dog turned against him. That would be a good action flick.


I put the dog eats him, and it's not correct.


Please use the report button to report errors. The sentence discussions are not read by Duo and will not lead to a solution to the problem. Alternative, attach a screenshot of the error message along with the sentence you wrote. Maybe something else was wrong with your sentence.


Well, that got dark!

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