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"The girl wants to have a cat."

Translation:Pigen vil gerne have en kat.

August 28, 2014



What's the difference between have and har?


"(at) have" is infinitive while "har" is present tense.


why is gerne included in this sentence?


cause it means like, want. and if you think about this sentence like 'the girl would like to have a cat' then it suddenly makes sence for you, i hope ^^ vil (would) gerne (want, like) have (to have [infinitive]) = would like to have, shortly want to have


Since it was "The girl wants to have a cat" and not "The girl would like to have a cat", I translated it as "Pigen gerne have en kat" instead of "Pigen vil gerne have en kat". Would be my translation right and so it is Duolingo's fail? Or is there some explanation?


No. "Pigen vil have en kat" could be a demand or a wish. "Pigen vil gerne have en kat" could only be a wish, and it would be a more polite way of expressing it than the version without "gerne".

Your translation is grammatically incorrect because it needs to be "vil gerne +infinitive".


I tried this and got it correct.


Pigen vil gerne have en kat. was marked as ' wrong ' on the previous question, and the correct answer given as 'vil have'!


why is 'vil gerne' the correct answer if in the English phase only says 'wants'? I thought 'vil' translated to 'would' so I don't get it. Thank you


Why is it not 'pigen skal have en kat'?


That would be "The girl must have a cat"

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