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  5. "Jeg er glad."

"Jeg er glad."

Translation:I am happy.

August 28, 2014



I am glad that glad = happy :)


I Wonder if the Word glad in english comes from danish


Thanks for the complete etymology. I at first heard "glad" as 'glow', so this makes sense as a cognate.


There is a part of England that was known as the Danelaw because it was ruled by the Danes. If you look at the counties from Suffolk to Yorkshire, you will find place names that come from Danish and some of the words in the local dialects come from Danish.


Is the full sentence pronunciation correct? She sounded like she was drowning. This may be a life or death matter if I'm ever in Denmark!

[deactivated user]

    yeah it did sound like she was drowning. poor danish lady. at least we still have the irish one


    How do you pronounce glad? It just kinda sounded like a gurgle


    The "d" has a tricky pronunciation here. It's called "the soft D". It's easier if you put your tongue at the tip on the lower teeth and tries to roll the whole word.


    Finally, I can say this craziness! Thank you for the physical direction.


    It doesn't seem to give me the option of replying to DovBear, to whom I would like to say, "Let's hope not!"

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