"You are reading a newspaper."

Translation:Du læser en avis.

4 years ago


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I can't quite understand difference between "en" and "et".

4 years ago


Why is "Du er læser en avis" incorrect? Wouldn't the "are" be missing?

4 years ago

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Danish doesn't have a gerund form, so both "you are reading a newspaper" and "you read a newspaper" translate to "du læser en avis". The context will usually give away the meaning though :)

You can get around it by saying something like "du er i gang med at læse en avis", which literally translates to "you're in the process of reading a newspaper". If someone asked you "hvad laver du?" ("what are you doing?") you would most likely just answer "jeg læser en avis" instead though.

4 years ago
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