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"Hvem ellers er trætte af elefanter?"

Translation:Who else is tired of elephants?

August 28, 2014



So, the pronoun "who" is treated as a singular form in English. Judging by the declension (træt --> trætte) in the Danish translation, is it to be understood that "hvem" is treated as a plural pronoun?


In my opinion, it could be either, depending on whether you expect a single person or several to reply.

In any case, neither "træt" nor "trætte" sounds wrong to me.


OK, as long as it sounds fine in Danish. In English, at least in this context, it would definitely sound wrong to say "Who else are tired...", whereas in other contexts it can be used in the plural (eg. "The countless refugees, who flooded into neighboring countries...") Thanks for the feedback!


Jeg er ikke træt af elefanter


Heller ikke mig


Hvem ellers is singular.If so , why is it not Traet rather than Traette. in the English rendition you have written it in the singular.


would tired be translated sing or plural in the sentence "who is tired of elephants"


Just to throw the mouse among the elephants (sorry that's a joke on the English idiom "to throw the cat among the pigeons"): DeepL gives hvem er ellers træt af elefanter?.

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