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  5. "Cá bhfuil an suíomh?"

" bhfuil an suíomh?"

Translation:Where is the site?

August 28, 2014



Is this a "site" as in a "builder's site" or what exactly? Also, I take it that it cannot be used for a "website"?


Good question - it can be used for both.


well, Satharn, I'm not sure I QUITE agree... 'that was the site of tbe rebellion' vs. 'that is the place where the rebellion occurred', 'this is the site of the new restaurant' vs. 'this is the place they're putting the new restaurant'. The constructions are different, but they can be used to convey similar meanings.

The course seeks two different words in English with which to convey two different words in Irish.

The underlying question being asked is the relationship of 'áit' to this new word. Many people, naively, will ask about that difference via a 'compare and contrast' of the two English words.


A bit off-track maybe, but what is the difference between site and place - other than that the latter cannot be used in web site? I considered these words (mostly) synonymous so far. But "where is the place" was not accepted. Rightfully so or should it have been accepted as an alternative?



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