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Proposition for pronunciation problems

Hi, I'm using Duolingo to learn German, but as a native french speaking (from Québec, Canada), I frequently look at the question people have about french.

There is a lot of questions about prononciation, and those are sometimes tough to answer with writing. Hence my proposition:

If anyone is interested to ask questions about prononciation (or any other topic), I would be glad to answer in a skype conversation.

I know that it's not the best way for most of the question, since nobody else can see the answer, but for the prononciation, it be useful.

If I see that someone is interested. I will post my skype adress.

I won't do it if nobody is interested, and I will wait a few days, because I don't know if I'm violating any Duolingo rules by doing that (which I would not want to).

August 28, 2012



That is a great proposal. I don't know if I will take it up, because I get bye, but it should be very good.


Great proposal Hugolemieux. Will be happy to propose the same (native accent from France/Paris) for those living in Europe, because of the jet lag with Americas/Australasia. Will also wait for any comment by Duolingo on this matter.


On this subject, just want to say that I appreciate the answers to questions on French you give here hugolemieux and I'm sure others do as well.

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