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  5. "Ik heb vandaag geen tijd."

"Ik heb vandaag geen tijd."

Translation:I have no time today.

August 28, 2014



How...how do you choose where to put "vandaag"? Hooow? :) Word order is still the biggest mystery of dutch to me.


You can place "vandaag' anywhere as long as the inflected verb is in second place (the second constituent) So options are:

Ik heb geen tijd vandaag.

Ik heb vandaag geen tijd.

Vandaag heb ik geen tijd (inflected verb comes 2nd and the subject moves to the spot after the verb)

(NB this only counts for main clauses, things are different in subclauses)


Here is the Dutch Grammar Overview Discussion page with a link for Dutch word order. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3732817


Time and tijd wait for no one? ;)


I do love a good multi-language pun. Lingoted!


Never heard of this proverb, cool!


Can anyone explain why the 'dag' in 'vandaag' is lengthened with an extra a? Just curious.


This is how the language looks like...? lol


I previously learnt in this lecture that I have to use the continuous form in English in a sentence with "vanavond" or "vanmiddag" ....

Now I used the continuous form in this sentence and was turned down :-(

Is it bad English? ( I'm not native)


That thing about the continuous form isn't a rule, just a generalisation. Normally it is the better version, or may be the only correct version. However there are times when it is completely wrong to translate using the continuous form, as in this case.

"I am having no time today" doesn't make any sense.


I'm an English native, and made the same mistake. So I'm not sure why the continuous form is incorrect here.


ok thank you for your "confession" ;-)

So, I feel better again


I think it is because some verbs in English, like 'to have' and 'to see' don't often use the continuous tense. Like if you were holding two apples, you would say 'I have two apples',(present simple), however you would say 'I am holdING two apples'(continuous) Saying 'I am having two apples'(continuous) would sound weird. Some exceptions I can think of are "I am having a bath' 'I am having a sandwich for lunch', so maybe you use 'have' for possessing something and 'having' for performing actions, I'm not 100% sure


Can you also say Ik heb niet tijd vaandag? Why use geen?


geen is used for nouns


We just had ik heb geen tijd vanavond and now Ik heb vandaag geen tijd. Does this mean there is some flexibility in placing the adverbs of time? Will either way suffice?

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