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"Drengen spiser det røde æble."

Translation:The boy is eating the red apple.

August 28, 2014



Why is it "røde" and not "rødt"?


I would love to know the answer to this also. "Æble" is a neuter gender noun and from the grammar explanation it seems that "rød" should be changed to "rødt" when it is describing a neuter gender noun. I must be missing something, but what?


"If the color (or in general adjective) is used with a definite noun, then it is put between the definite article and the noun: En rød bil (a red car) becomes den røde bil (the red car). In this case the adjective is declined the same way as for the plural, no matter the grammatical number or gender of the noun."

So it would be et rødt æble in the indefinite case but it becomes det røde æble for the definite case, because the definite case must be declined the same way as the plural case. And the plural case always seems to take -e, whether it's common or neuter.


very good, thank you!




A most-excellent reply.


Fantastic answer. Thank you so much


I'm incredibly grateful. Bless you!


Why is it not æblet?


When definiteness is marked by a pronoun (in this case the demonstrative pronoun "det"), the suffix is omitted from the noun.


The boy eats the red apple. The boy is eating the red apple. Both are correct!


Can you say "rødt æblet" or do you always have to use a pronoun in front of a color?


The adjectives work like this:
indefinite, singular: et rødt æble (t-form because "æble" is a t-word)
definite, singular: det røde æble (e-form because definite marker "det)
indefinite, plural: røde æbler (e-form because plural)
definite, plural: de røde æbler (e-form because of definite marker)
possessive + indefinite, singular: mit røde æble (e-form with possessives)
possessive + indefinite, plural: mine røde æbler (e-form with possessives)


Everyone was so enthusiastic about the verbs (present tense)... Then colours - which seemed so innocent- came to mess us all up. cries in Danish & wants to grab a drink with an animal


And I've just (accidentally and pathetically) discovered italics while commenting using the app. I meant * cries * as an action, but am learning how the whole formatting works here... at last!

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