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"En is het belangrijk voor onze gemeenschap?"

Translation:And is it important for our community?

August 28, 2014



I did not realise gemeenschap had two verrrrryy...different meanings until I looked it up in my Dutch dictionary to find the article. Very, erm interesting? 0_o


Usually if intercourse is meant it's combined with hebben. E.g. Geliefden hebben gemeenschap (Lovers have intercourse). In other sentences gemeenschap will normally be understood as community (except by people with a dirty mind). And these two meanings actually are a good source for jokes (it might take a second or 2 before people realise…oh the other meaning of gemeenschap was actually meant in the previous sentence…).


I do get told my mind is easily led in the gutter so that's probably why I had a good giggle when I found it out. You wouldn't believe I'm 22 at times the way I tend to laugh at things xD

Thank you for your detailed explanation though :D always very helpful! (Susande for Dutch forum moderator please? :P someone start a campaign!) :3


A bit like intercourse in English.


community and intercourse! Those sentenses can have very different meanings: Ik hou van onze gemeenschap.

Er zijn veel bloed in hen gemeenschap.

Vrijdag is de dag van het gemeenschap.

Het gemeenschap is belangrijk voor de kinderen.

Alleen meisjes in die gemeenschap.

Het is een hond gemeenschap.

Ik hou van niet ze gemeenschap, zij doen er raar dingen.

(Yes, I am having fun!)


Starting a sentence with the word "and" is a big no-no in English. Is it acceptable in Dutch?


Well, it can be used in the continuation of a conversation. I rather like it when they provide to us these sort of sentences portraying common speach


Yes. And it's acceptable in English too. But then, what do I know?


How about "society," or is that too broad?

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