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  5. "Direktøren leger kunstner."

"Direktøren leger kunstner."

Translation:The manager pretends to be an artist.

August 28, 2014



What does this sentence mean?


I think a more appropriate translation would be "The director (like a CEO, not a movie director) pretends to be an artist."


I have added that as the best translation, while allowed the other sentences too.


'The manager plays the artist' is perfectly acceptable in English, and should be accepted as a translation. 'The manager plays one artist' should not.


Ahhh. That makes sense. Tak


you could say "the director plays the artist"in english, i.e. he likes to dabble in the arts, though here "the artist" has an indefinite sense. Also, if it were a movie director, then he could cast himself in the role of an artist in a movie, in which cae this sentence would be quite straightforward.


One of the correct solutions is given as "The manager plays one artist" but this does not make grammatical sense in English.

"Plays the artist" or "pretends to be an artist" both make sense but they have slightly different meanings.


So, the translation this gave me was "The director pretends to be an artist." Does this mean that "leger" can also mean "pretend?" Also, why isn't the indefinite article used here? Thanks in advance to anybody who answers this!


If you translate it literally, you'd get 'the director plays artist' which means something very similar to 'the director pretends to be an artist'. That would also explain the lack of an indefinite article.


Makes me think of David Brent


"Direktøren leger kunstner." trumpets sound "You are now 45% fluent at Danish" ... This sentence made me feel very prepared to talk with the Danish!


Since when has direktøren been pronounced "deck-turn"? That was using the slow side. Your speech engine needs some work.

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