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Same picture when you learn a new skill.


I have learned some skills in German these last days, and despite they are different skills, there is always the picture of an egg, like Basics 1, but with a red background, like this:


I wonder if that is a bug or not. If so, when will the skills I learn have their "normal picture" back?

I know this is not very important, just wondering.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: That picture should be for Abstract Objects 4.

August 28, 2014


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We're aware of this issue! Hopefully some time this week we can fix it. Thanks!


Thanks to you! :-)


Yep, just learned a new German skill today and got the egg picture. The skills I acquired during previous weeks all had their proper icons. Seems like a bug.


It has also been showing eggs in Spanish.


I'm not sure if it is supposed to happen with German, but for the courses in Beta it never shows, which can be annoying sometimes, especially when you're "competing" against others in the Irish/Danish trees.

It shows for Spanish and French, though. I'm assuming it's a bug?


The real pictures aren't showing on French either now, at least not on my profile. I've only seen the cracked egg picture for the past week or two.


When we learn a new skill skill, shall we comment below which one it was?


I've noticed that too! I don't know...

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