I would like to request a Neapolitan course

I don't know if this is possible, or if anyone would want to do this, but I think some Neapolitan lessons would be beneficial here. It was once the language of Southern Italy, and although it isn't used a whole today, the accent is still audible, and many people in Southern Italy probably still use it. Not to mention many great songs are Neapolitan, so that's why I myself would personally like to learn some of the basics of Neapolitan. I know it would be hard to find someone who speaks and write Neapolitan to do a course like this. Not mention the accent of Neapolitan, and I've also heard that the writing of Neapolitan doesn't match the actual sound, but I think it would be still be possible to learn it. So if someone would take the time to read, and process this request, I'd be very grateful. This could also be like the flirting or idioms lessons, just bonus lessons that some people could choose to do. anyway, thanks a bunch

Sincerely, Jacob Flematti

August 28, 2014


Just so you know, requesting that Duolingo makes a language really does nothing to get it made. Courses are now made in the incubator, which relies on volunteers to apply to make courses. Once there are enough qualified volunteers (and there aren't too many languages being incubated at once, since Duolingo stresses quality over quantity), then a language may be added to the incubator. The biggest problem with Neapolitan is that the dialects are very different. For example, there's a version of a prayer in various dialects, and it varies a lot. If you can get people who speak the language to apply to make a course, then it could still be a very likely possibility.

August 28, 2014

Yeah, all we need is one Neapolitan to start one up and get the ball rolling, maybe start inviting people, etc.

January 17, 2017

Sounds like a delicious course, five please! :D

As many Duolingoers are already aware of the opportunity to apply to the Incubator, its a good idea to ask people in your other social networking groups as well who might be bilingual but might not know that Duolingo exists. (You never know, maybe you know someone who is bilingual but you didn't realize it! Or maybe someone you know knows someone who is.) Places like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are good places to start :)

August 28, 2014

If anything I think a Neapolitan course for speakers of Italian should come first.

July 4, 2016

jeez dude how the hell do you study so many languages!? That's amazing man bravo! Is Neapolitan that widely spoken in Italy? In southern regions I would imagine it's still popular but not that popular. I think it would be really cool though to learn I wish somebody would make a course for it.

July 9, 2016

Why did I think this was about ice cream at first?

Anyways, you don't really "request" languages. Duolingo is for the members, by the members. So you would need people who speak it and be willing to contibute to a course and then submit it to Duolingo. The discussion forums aren't for requesting, per se. You may ask if anyone here speaks it and would be willing to make a course.

August 28, 2014

As someone of partial Neapolitan ancestry, I support this fully. While my ancestors spoke Italian with the people they met in Sicily and many of the Italian-Americans they met, they spoke Neapolitan all through their childhood and with their family members and I find that very special.

April 27, 2017

I would love for this to happen. I started studying Italian because my father is from Bari, but before Italian was brought to the south my ancestors' official language was Neapolitan. Looks like we have at least 10 years before this happens with the amount of support, but here's a thumbs up and a lingot! :)

June 9, 2016

If you look online, on wikipedia you can learn quite a bit from it. The hardest part is the pronunciations, but the dialect is very similar to standard italian. I really would love to see a course on it though, it's such a beautiful language. There are so many old Neapolitan songs that are just amazing.

June 9, 2016

If you've never heard of Jimmy Roselli, Look him up on youtube and listen to him sing a neapolitan song, it's like heaven.

June 9, 2016

i don't think we'll see such non mainstream tongues for a while on duo. there is a limit to how many are incubated at once, so more commonly needed ones are made first. also, if not many people know a tongue t'will take a long time to incubate.

February 25, 2017

Catalon is currently in the Incubator. This is not necessarily the only minority language in there. But, it's the only one I can think of off the top of my head. Hopefully over time, more endangered and minority languages will arrive. :)

February 25, 2017

This would be incredible but I'm not really certain it'll ever happen, sadly

March 11, 2018


March 11, 2018

At first I though you meant Napoleon Course.

August 28, 2014

I thought it was for a pizza or an ice cream :-D

August 28, 2014

Thank you all for your replies, I appreciate it, and yeah I kind of guessed that this wouldn't really do much to get it made, I just thought maybe someone who speaks Neapolitan might see this, and think it was a good idea, and @deguo you're right I forgot all about the different kind of dialects for Neapolitan which does make it very hard. I wish their was somewhere to learn more about it online, but I can't find anything, but very basic things, which did help, but only so much. I guess, because it's not used very much today that it's not really taught either. Thanks for the helpful advice, and I guess I'll see what happens, maybe someone who speaks Neapolitan will see this, because unfortunately I don't know of anyone who speaks it.

August 28, 2014

Napolitanian is a fully viril language, not at all endangered or hard-to-find-speakers/writers, there are a lot of writings going on in the language and just going to Napoli you will hear napolitan all day long, because most of the people there does not speak 'italian' (i.e. standard italian) on the everyday communicaton.

Some 8 million people speak it. Many articles on Wikipedia is on the language so there is plenty of people writing voluntarily on the language, look at the 'napulitano' entrance under 'languages'.

August 28, 2014

I went to Wikipedia, and typed in napulitano under languages, but everything there is in neapolitan, so it doesn't really help me to learn it, but I do see what you mean, people are writing the language. This gives me more hope that maybe somebody will teach this language, I hope so even though it's just a dialect, like you just said it is much more common to hear in everyday conversations opposed to standard italian.

August 28, 2014

I would suggest trying hellotalk or conversation exchange and find a real Napoletane to teach you :)

September 26, 2016

Go go, if there is the opportunity, I can give a hand!!!

January 2, 2017

I would love to learn Neapolitan. I love Naples and visit quite regularly. It's still spoken by roughly 8 million people and considered the dialect of the south, not just Naples

January 27, 2017

I would love for this to be added too!

July 29, 2017

I would love to see the languages of Italy(Venetian,Emilian,Romagnol,Ligurian,Neapolitan,Sicilian etc) along with Standard Italian in Duolingo.

August 9, 2017

Waiùùù!!! Jamm 'ncoppa jamm ja!!! Anch'io voglio nu corso di Nnapulitanu!!!

August 29, 2018

I am with you! Absolutely happy to support :)

Neapolitan über alles!

July 16, 2016

Living in Napoli, I hear a distinct difference, when they want to "communicate" standard Italian is the lingua...when they want to $h!+ on you...napulitanto all the way...managgia!

August 16, 2016

One of my relatives speaks Neapolitan, and i invited him to DL

December 2, 2016

It would be interesting to contact some of the universities in Napoli about this. I know that there was a course made to teach Neapolitan in Napoli and maybe whoever organised that could do something. Maybe there are some speakers on Italki that could help.

June 10, 2018
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