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"Imríonn na páistí leis an roth agus an liathróid."

Translation:The children play with the wheel and the ball.

August 28, 2014



"Páistí ag imert le roth", yep, sounds about right, we're all poor as dirt here in Ireland! My mother could never afford 'toys' when we were kids. Those were only for posh children!


Feh, back in my day we had to imagine we had a ball and wheel, and we liked it too!

Kids today...


We used to pretend we had a ball and just kick the air..as for a wheel wow luxury ..


cad atá "liathróid"?


'liathróid' is 'ball'.


I know. I was trying to carry your example one step further by pretending I didn't even know what a ball was. Seemed funny at the time. :-)


Sorry! I shot straight over my head. My fault for replying when I was tired!


Oh mo roth beag, bhí grá agam air!


Believe it or not, fadó, fadó children used to play "hoops". You acquired a bicycle tyre, or wheel or some other wheel-like thing and guided it along the street with the aid of a stick, running as fast as possible to show your skill. OK so we didn't have quad bikes or ipads!


The preposition is usually repeated with multiple objects i.e. ...leis an roth agus leis an liathróid.


"Roth" sounds like "roue" (wheel) in French.


How do you say liathróid? It sounds like there's an "n" at the start


Pronunciation in the three main dialects can be found here: https://www.teanglann.ie/ga/fuaim/liathr%c3%b3id

The speaker for this Duolingo course is from northern Connacht.

The 'n' sound you're hearing at the beginning of the word is from the definite article 'an' directly preceding 'liathróid.'


The an after agus is very hard for me to hear. I guess this is just the way it is pronounced? I easily hear the an after leis.

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