"Mi ricordo la parola."

Translation:I remember the word.

May 25, 2013

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Is the "Mi" here required?


Mi is here because we have ricordarsi a reflexive form of ricordare.

I checked and it seems there is almost no difference between ricordare and ricordarsi, so for this sentence i think "Ricordo la parola" is also correct.


I believe the difference is the same in Portuguese («lembrar-se» and «lembrar»), although I'm not sure. If so, then «ricordare» = "to remind." When you remind yourself or "remember," then you use «ricordarsi».


What is the point of the "Mi"


Because «ricordare» = "to remind" and «ricordarsi» + "to remind oneself" AKA "to remember," as I understand it.


But it's "ricordo". Not those other two.


I know. «ricordare» is the infinitive just like the English "to remind." I wrote that so that I do not have to write all six conjugations; it is the same idea: «ricordo» = "I remind," «ricordi» = "you remind," «ricorda» = "he/she/it reminds," «ricordiamo» = "we remind," «ricordate» = "you (plural) remind," and «ricordano» = "they/you (plural and formal) remind." Then, intuitively, «mi ricordo» = "I remind myself" AKA "I remember," «ti ricordi» = "you remind yourself" AKA "you remember," «si ricorda» = "he/she/it/you (formal) reminds himself/herself/itself/yourself (formal)" AKA "he/she/it/you (formal) remembers," «ci ricordiamo» = "we remind ourselves" AKA "we remember," «vi ricordate» = "you (plural) remind yourselves" AKA "you remember," and «si ricordano» = "they/you (plural and formal) remind themselves/yourselves (plural and formal)" AKA "they/you (plural and formal) remember."


Although ricordare can definitely mean to remind, it often has the same meaning as ricordarsi, namely to remember.

From what I've seen, the following sentence - "I remember your birthday" - can be translated in three ways:

  1. using ricordare, "Ricordo il tuo compleanno." ;
  2. using ricordarsi, "Mi ricordo il tuo compleanno." ;
  3. using ricordarsi di, "Mi ricordo del tuo compleanno." .

These sentences are interchangeable. Which one to use seems to be mostly a matter of personal preference.


Right. If we are speaking strict grammar, then it should be «ricordarsi» or «ricordarsi di»; that does not mean that the other forms are not used and commonly said/accepted. :) It's just that Duolingo likes structure, as do I when learning something new. (However, simply «ricordo» does sound a bit strange to me.)


You're welcome. :)


the answer it gave me was " I remember the term." TERM ISN'T EVEN IN THE HINTS !!! I put " i remember the speech" which was wrong although its in the hints!!!


How would you say "remind me of the word."


I think you would have to say "mi ricordi la parola"


That was what I thought it said


It said "mi ricordo", not "mi recordi". :-)


Can it mean "I recall the word"?


Purtroppo non sempre.


Well this is wrong. You should be able to say "I remember the word" or "I remind myself the word"

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