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"Foråret er fra marts til maj."

Translation:The spring is from March to May.

August 28, 2014



These sentences feel weird to type, being from the southern hemisphere.


Would it not make more sense without 'the'?


They are both accepted.

In Danish, the definite is always used in this case. That's why it's the "best translation" in English too, so people don't translate to forår er fra... (which is wrong in Danish) when they get the English sentence and lose a heart.


I agree, I have reported this. The "the" would be redundant in English, in my opinion. To me it has always been translated as "Spring" if the context calls for it


I agree, the spring usually implies an actual spring, like a bedspring.

Although it's correct to say "I'll see you in the spring."

[deactivated user]

    Can someone explain how to pronounce "Foråret"? It kind of sounds like forauh


    The word "fra" is individually reader as "efra". That is not only in this sentence, but also in many others. It seems very strange to me.


    Yeah, it is wrong. it sounds like they are trying to read F-ra instead of a single word.


    It depends on the scene you are in. Astronomists would say it's from March 21 till June 20 whereas meteorologists would agree to 'from March till May' because their seasons consist of entire months. Just adding to the confusion here... Have fun learning!

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    Bah ! These vikings with their northerner perspective. The Brazilians beg to differ.


    Runs could replace is in the sentence


    Foråret is a tricky one for my Scottish tongue to pronounce. Tips?

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    Mocking Danish pronounciation

    Joking aside, roll the r-s, have the å sound like an o, and have the t be soft. So it's ~ fohh- ohhet .


    Danish Rs are not rolled.


    Actually it goes 3 weeks into June


    According to Danish wikipedia: "I dansk sammenhæng er det almindeligt at betragte foråret som månederne marts, april og maj"


    Surely "Spring goes from March to May" is also correct.


    It all depends on your perspective. When I first saw this I wondered if the Danish perceive the seasons differently (as in was winter from December to February, was Fall from September to November, and was Summer strictly June, July and August?... not trying to get nit-picky, I was honestly curious... it seems well organized either way.


    Yes. It is the same for us in Ireland. Obviously different countries will have a different climate, though it is impractical to wear your Spring clothes in Northern Europe if you are used to better weather :-)



    I would say "spring" in English, not "the spring"


    Spring is actually from September to November

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