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I have invited my students to join me, but how can I add them if they are already members. When I send the invite, it says they are already members. Is there a way to create a class?

August 28, 2014


Hi BockSarah!

All you need is to give them your username and get their usernames in order to find and follow each other.

You can look up a person by adding their username to the end of the Duolingo URL. For instance, you would find my profile here:, you are at Then, you will see that my profile has the option for you to "Follow". You need to follow them and have them follow you.

Please make sure that your students read and understand the website guidelines so that they don't lose their accounts.

Also, please check out the wiki, as it has some hugely helpful guides on how each of the features work on Duolingo:

I hope this helps! ^_^

Thanks! It definitely does.

Just follow all of them and set a time when everyone should be on or call them to your apartment or house if they are at your house just have them bring their laptops with them and they can practice with you or if you do not want them to do that just follow them and set a time when they need to be on say how long they should be on and what language they can do or you can let them choose it does not matter what you have them do just here are some suggestions if you do not use them that's okay if you do that's okay to hope these are helpful is someway. your truly, Monsterhighgirl3

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