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"Ik ben nog nooit in Roemenië geweest."

Translation:I have never been to Romania.

August 28, 2014



"I have still never been to Romania" wasn't accepted, so what is the function of 'nog' here?


I'm not 100% certain, but I think this has to do with the English translation. 'Nog niet' means 'not yet'. In Dutch you can use the combination with 'nooit' too: 'nog nooit'. In English that would be 'never yet', but that is not a very common thing to say (correct me if I'm wrong?).


I too fell into the trap of using "nog" as still and "nooit" as never, translating as; "I have still never been to Romania." The sense is there, even if it's not an accurate translation of "nog nooit." While you could say "never yet" in English it would be unnatural.


I thought that "I have never been to/in Romania before" captures the sense of "nog nooit" better than just saying "I have never been to/in Romania". At least my sprachgefühl (feel for language) as a German tells me that translating "noch nie" as "never before" would be a good translation. It might be different in Dutch.


Can this sentence be written without nog. "Ik ben nooit in Roemenië geweest. "

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