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  5. "The sister."

"The sister."

Translation:An deirfiúr.

August 28, 2014



Is 'deirfiúr' not a feminine noun? I would love to get the gender of words in the hints.

ETA: Sorry, my bad, words starting with 'd' are not lenited. This language is funnier than I remembered.


Words starting with 'd' can be lenited, but when the letters d,n,t,l,s come into contact they prevent lenition. This is called the dentals rule.


Except in case of attributive adjectives (an bhean dhearg would work).


Yes, that's true! You will still occasionally see "An bhean dearg" as well, obeying the dentals rule.


Grammar overload? The simple version is don't lenite d,n,t,l,s when they are next to each other.


I would really like to have audio on this one. The foclóir.ie (my main reference while learning here) doesn't have audio on 'sister' either.


These links may help:

I'm surprised Foclóir/Teanglann doesn't have pronunciation for deirfiúr, to be honest.


Teanglann.ie has audio for deirfiúr now, but only for Munster and Ulster. I don't know if they've been having problems with Connacht speakers, but I notice that the Connacht pronunciation is missing from a number of entries recently.

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