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  5. "Itheann tú mar ithimid."

"Itheann mar ithimid."

Translation:You eat because we eat.

August 28, 2014



Can mar mean "as" as well?


"as" is ambiguous - it can be interpreted as "because" or "the way that".

Itheann tú mar ithimid does NOT mean "You eat the way that we eat", it means "You eat because we eat".

Translation mar as "as" in this exercise would be at best misleading, and, as (!!) there is a much clearer and unambiguous translation available, only "because" should be accepted.


Is it trying to say, "You eat similarly to the way we eat"? Or saying "you eat at the time we eat"


Neither - Itheann tú mar ithimid means "You eat because we eat".


Wish this didn't sound so much like Dutch "maar", 'but'


How about "Itheann tú mar itheann muid"?


Yes: "itheann muid" is another way of saying "ithimid."


Couldn't this also mean "You eat like we eat"?


I think that would be itheann tú mar a ithimid


and it means you eat as we eat


Now c'mon. I wrote "you eat like we eat". Why is that wrong? Mar has multiple meanings.


Hmm. It might be the English rather than the Irish. I remember hearing a story about Walter Cronkite objecting to a cigarette commercial slogan, "Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should," on the grounds that Cronkite thought it should be "Winston tastes good, as a cigarette should." I suppose Cronkite's point was that "like" is not a conjunction. I will leave that debate to the grammarians. I am suggesting only that perhaps duolingo accepts "you eat as we eat" but rejects "you eat like we eat" on similar grounds.


Yes. This is problematic. "You eat 'because' we eat" is saying something very different from "You eat 'like' we eat". Using the word "as" leaves the meaning ambiguous - it could logically go either way.

I believe that "You eat 'because we eat" is better said as, "Itheann tú toisc go ithimid."

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