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An bhfuil céad agam dul amach go dtí an leithreas más é do thoil é

I just really hope this sentence, or some variation of it, is somewhere in the course.

For those that don't know everybody that went to school in Ireland knows this sentence because it was used to get out of the classroom.

it means 'Can I have permission to go out to the toilet please'

August 28, 2014



We'll see what we can do with it ;)


Our teachers' favourite response was "Níl cead agat"!


There's a very funny video by an Irish comedy troupe called Shifts which references this line, and general life in an Irish primary school as Gaeilge.


Pronunciation: Uh voil ked agam dull amakh guh dee uh leryas mas uh duh hill uh?

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