Question about "hebben nodig"

Just to clarify, is this the combo for talking about needing something? If so, is the meaning something like "to have need of"? It kinda reminds me of the German verb "beduerfen" which means 'to have need of', it isn't used often because everyone prefers "brauchen". Does 'nodig' have a meaning on its own? Is there an equivalent of "brauchen" (to need) in Dutch or is it just "hebben notig"?

4 years ago


"nodig hebben'' means ''to have need of'' or simply ''to need'', so you are right :). "nodig'' on its own refers to something that you cannot go without. "Het is nodig'' (''It is needed"), "Ik moet nodig naar de tandarts" ("I really need to go to the dentist").

The German equivalent of ''nodig hebben'' is simply ''nötig haben''. Dutch synonyms are "behoeven" and "benodigen". The cognate of ''brauchen'' is ''gebruiken'', but it means ''to use''.

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this info with me, I hadn't heard of "noetig haben" before. Does 'gebruiken' correspond more with "benutzen" or "einsetzen"?

4 years ago

I would translate ''einsetzen'' as ''inzetten''.

''benutzen'' can be translated as ''benutten'' but also as ''gebruiken'', ''aanwenden'' (german: "anwenden") or ''utiliseren'' (if you want to be chic).

4 years ago
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Take care you don't end up in the eternal spiral of translations and cognates. ;)

4 years ago
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