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  5. "He is already a man."

"He is already a man."

Translation:Hij is al een man.

August 28, 2014



I remember from a previous example that 'al' can be placed at the end of a sentence. Why am I wrong here (hij is een man al)?


Also wondering that. I did the same thing.


Adverbs must go before non-specific objects (objects with "een", an object without an article, or any object that's not specifically being referenced) and after specific objects (definite objects with -de or -het, personal pronouns, possessives, etc). Since the object of the sentence "een man" is non-specific and has the indefinite article "een", it must go after the adverb "al".


Shouldn't "Hij is nu een man" be accepted? It's between the suggested options for "already"


When did this happen?

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